Wednesday, September 23, 2009

heart: fall - hate: lack of time to play music

I heart fall. Leaves changing color are awesome. Breezes are awesome. Football is back. Holidays are approaching..its friggin great!

I hate the minimal time i have to play music. I'm not blaming my family, its just how life is. Can't really play at night cuz the kids are asleep, and then on the weekend i want to play with them. So its hard to find time. I guess its like anything, you just have to make time.

I know its been awhile since blogging, so i probably could just generally hate on not having enough time to do stuff.

Is anyone still around>?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

heart: $1 Sausage Egg McMuffins - hate: liking farmville

i heart Sausage Egg McMuffins. They're just so darn tasty. You got the meat, you got the cheese, you got the egg, and of course, the english muffin. the ones with ham are okay too, but the Sausage really gets you going. and right now, they're just $1!! what could be better than a nice hot breakfast sandwich for $1?! Well, okay, lots of things, but still. Simple pleasures right?

i hate liking farmville! What is up with that silly 'game' ?!? you essentially have a plot of graph paper, and you fill up the little squares with various plants. Its like the Seinfeld "weve got a show about nothing". Its so dumb it actually works! I made fun of Angelle for 2 weeks over it, and now i'm hooked! as are everyone else who plays it! Its ridiculous! why is it so fun? why is it so addictive? are they subliminally mindwashing us? Are the local farmers of america behind this? will everyone go out and start real farms now? I would if eggplants would really grow in a day, and pumpkins in 8 hours.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

heart: welches dried fruit pouches - hate: not wakeboarding

i heart Welch's dried fruit pouches. They are like 90 calories per pack, and SO delicious. Mixing fruits together was a good idea. You should try them. I did, and I heart them.

I hate not wakeboarding. The first couple years here i went almost every wednesday. I've only been once this year. Well once behind a boat, and once at the cable park in SoFla, but I sucked it up on the cable. My friends with boats are busy with their kids now, and looking for jobs...I just need to move close to a lake, and get my own darn boat. Or get a few acres and a winch. Or move in with the Donalds and put a permanent winch by their firepit. :)

heart: working from home (occasionally) - hate: how fast grass grows in the summer

i heart occasionally working from home. Its SO nice not to have to leave the house at quarter to 7, drive to the bus, sit on the bus, get to work, not be able to work out (unless i plan ahead), spend money on lunch (unless i pack lunch), take the bus home again, and not get home till 6:15ish. I love being at work, cuz I much prefer face time with my colleagues, and I think collaborating in person is much easier, but occasionally, home is good. It lets you stay heads down on something if you need to plow through it, and you can run quick errands at lunch if needed, or workout at lunch, or just walk to the fridge if you're hungry. AND i actually get to see the kids in the morning and throughout the day.

i hate how fast grass grows in the summer! You have to cut it every week! I mean come on really? we've already gotten like 3 letters from HOA 'politely' telling us our grass is too tall. apparently theres a 4 inch rule, and they actually measure EVERY blade with one of those plastic clear rulers. (i wonder how much they get paid to do that). Don't get me wrong, i love green grass. and its awesome having a yard. @lawn: can you maybe grow a tad slower?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

heart: free comics - hate: shoe shopping

i heart free comics. a friend of mine lives next door to a comic book artist and he gets some free DC comics, and passes them on to me when hes done. Its great! Lots of stuff I wouldnt pay for, but enjoy reading. mostly the classics (batman, superman, justice league). I havent really read comics in long time cuz they're just too darn expensive. thanks ML!

i hate shoe shopping!! i did it today, cuz i needed new running/tennis shoes (sneakers? i dont know what the kids call them these days. do they still say kicks?) and i needed new black work shoes. dress shoes. whatever! i think i tried on EVERY pair of sneakers and black shoes in the store. finally found some that were comfy enough and stylish enough. Of course i'll probably go to wear them tomorrow and they will be horribly uncomfortable and crazy ugly. oh well. 30 day return policy. I hope i dont need new shoes for a LONG time.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

heart: building legos with Leah - hate: erin not listening

its SO awesome that I can now build legos with Leah! she got me a little set for my birthday (happy birthday to me) that you can build a helicopter or 2 types of airplanes. So far we have built the helicopter and the harrier jet. shes really good at finding the pieces and figuring out where they need to go.

i hate erin not listening! the past few months shes just intentionally devious! I know all you parents of "spirited" first kids are laughing and rolling your eyes, but Leah was just so darn good that so unnerving for Erin to say "no" and run away smiling even while you're yelling at her for the millionth to "stop hitting the cat". the little pill!! shes lucky shes cute or I would have gifted her to Jeri (my cousin) on Farmville by now. Even with the cuteness I'm considering it..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

heart: bike riding - hate: jaw pain

i heart bike riding. i brought my bike to work today and rode from my car (parked like 3 miles away) to my office. its so nice in Charlotte.

i hate jaw pain. not sure why I have it. dentist said maybe stress and i should get one of those mouth guards to sleep with in case i'm grinding my teeth. YAY! maybe i can just borrow one of Erin's old pacifers. ow.